Plume Umbrella

Plume Umbrellas (by Shubhamm Inc) introduces the brand “Plume” (Plume Umbrella) with the intention to reside within the hearts and minds of customers and clients by concentrating on the same business policies. Most of the companies through out the globe carry a brand name to their company or their particular product, to which one can easily address or access to their product. Brand name plays a vital role, and is in immense connection with the product. We often come across people to ask the meaning of our brand “Plume”. Plume is a kind of feather, often referred to the feather of an Ostrich, has a unique characteristic, to avoid water getting inside or pass through. The feather acts as a shelter to the owner, and thus restricts water to refrain. We, at Shubhamm Inc, leave no stones unturned to maintain the quality guideline by using heavy-duty fabric, which does not allow water to pass through and thus stand by its meaning.