About Us

Plume Umbrellas (by Shubhamm Inc) is one of the leading umbrella, bags, and raincoats manufacturers in Mumbai, India as well as quality Umbrellas, Bags, and Raincoats suppliers in India and also one of the well renowned Promotional Umbrella, Promotional Bags, and Promotional Raincoats manufacturers in India.

Known for our superior quality products, extensive market knowledge, customization as per client requirement, competitive pricing, and capacity to meet bulk, and immediate requirements.

Operating since 2010, we have managed to build up a solid reputation for service, quality and competitive pricing in the realm of manufacturing, supplying, printing, and delivery timeline of all the Umbrellas, Bags and Raincoats manufactured under our roof.

Umbrellas Division:

We manufacture various products like Promotional Umbrellas, Digital Printed Umbrellas, Screen Printed Umbrellas, Advertising Umbrellas, Two Fold Umbrellas, Compact Umbrellas, Mini Umbrellas, Wooden Umbrellas, Square Umbrellas, Business Promotion Umbrellas, Umbrellas For Political Campaigning, Golf Umbrellas, Mens Umbrellas, Gents Umbrellas, Black Umbrellas, Silver Coated Umbrellas, Ladies Umbrellas, Fashion Umbrellas, Designer Umbrellas, Customized Umbrellas, Cheap Umbrellas For Free Distribution Purpose, Plastic Cap Umbrellas, Pharmaceutical Umbrellas, Anti Drip Umbrellas, Golf Umbrellas, Garden Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas, Outdoor Advertising Umbrellas, Large Umbrellas, Customized Garden Umbrellas, Radio Mirchi Umbrellas, 98.3 FM Umbrellas, Digital Printed Garden Umbrellas, Digital Printed Beach Umbrellas and many more products.

Plume Umbrellas (by Shubhamm Inc) strives to deliver the clients not just a basic product, but a product which one can easily relate to Luxury. That is why customization exactly as per the client’s need is its prime motto.

Being the manufacturers we are able to control costs and the quality of our Umbrellas, Bags and Raincoats. Hence with our extremely competitive prices in India, we are able to offer a seamless process from customizing, sampling to production.

Plume Umbrellas (by Shubhamm Inc) has grown into one of the finest and quality oriented Umbrella, Bags and Raincoats manufacturers in India. We are supplying a number of well-renowned corporate giants with stock and bespoke items from Mumbai.

We as manufacturers allow you to have high-quality products to help achieve the confidence of widespread clientele.

Bags & Raincoats Division:

We manufacture all forms of bags like Backpacks, Travel Bags, Trolley Bags, Laptop Bags, Promotional Bags, Customized Bags, Gym Bags, Easy to Carry Bags, Bags for Travelling, Bags For Staff, Leather Bags, Travelling Bags, Durable Bags, Stylish Bags, Customized Bags, Personalized Bags, Handy Bags, Promotional Purpose Bags, Bags For Distribution Purpose, Bags For Promotional Purpose, Bags For Advertisement, Bags For Sales Promotion Activity, Promotional Bags and many more types of Bags.

We have added Eco-friendly bags to our collection. The growing awareness for Green India and protection of environment has led to an increase in demand for non plastic bags and Eco friendly bags. These bags have long time use unlike single use plastic bags. By manufacturing non-plastic bags (also known as non woven bags) and Eco-friendly bags.

There are very few manufacturers in India who make customized Raincoats or Promotional Raincoats in India.

The process of raincoat manufacturing is the same as any garment manufacturing industry. But, the tendency to meet up client’s color combination or logo designing or fabric assortment is not an easy process.

There are two major types of Raincoats in terms of fabric, PVC material and Fabric based.

Initially, Plume Umbrella (by Shubhamm Inc) had started into manufacturing of Raincoats, Rubberised Raincoats, Over Coats, PVC Raincoats. Later, it started with Customized Raincoats, Promotional Raincoats, Windcheaters, Two in One Jackets, Reversible Raincoats.  These were followed by Nylon Raincoats, Poncho, Transparent Raincoat, Waterproof Jacket, Waterproof rain suit, Long Coat and Rain suit.

Our prime target is to build trust among all our clients with our quality products. We provide after-sales service and the most competitive pricing as compared to the markets. Presently we are targeting all companies who require Umbrellas, Bags and Raincoats for sales promotion or marketing related activity. We shall provide complete service in terms of branding or logo printing on Umbrellas, Bags and Raincoats.