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Bags for ease..bags for life

Bags can also be an abbreviation to so many sub products. The word Bag itself is scattered at large. School Kid call School Bag, Office going term Back Pack, those who travel a lot refer as Travel bag, women call them Clutches, and the list is at infinite.

If we were in an examination hall, and had the word “Bag” to write upon, we surely must have asked for ample supplementary sheets.

Shubhamm Inc, a renowned name in the umbrella industry, hereby proudly announce the commencement of one more product under its manufacturing skills “Bags”.

Bag is just a three letter word, but has a very good coverage and is being considered as one of the most commonly used product throughout the globe.

A product that is commonly used is mostly opted my mass, be that for kids, or adults, be that youngsters or office going, be that school going children or college going students

The initiative to take a step further in spreading our hands in Bags industry was being taken by our C.E.O Mr. Motilal Lunia, which eventually our Director Mr. Ravi Lunia took it forward.

Our manufacturing unit is scattered in 4000 sq ft in Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), where various categories are manufactured.

Initially we have started into manufacturing of Travel Bags, Trolley Bags, Laptop Bags, Back Packs, and Gym Bags and gradually increasing as per the demand.

Our prime target is to build trust amongst all our clients with our quality, after sales service and the most important pricing.

There are giants in the industry, who can also be termed as rulers, as it is their traditional business.

We are beginners and we do not feel scared about it as competition is everywhere, but the point is, competition must be healthy, without any compromise in quality.

Our extensive market knowledge and strong infrastructure made us get into this venture.

Rain is nature’s art; Umbrella is man’s art...Be wise, be loyal..stay protected during rains : courtesy not just umbrellas

If you talk about me, I stay in Mumbai, where monsoons are uncertain, if it rains, it will rain crazy and streets and trains will get jammed and the city will be at a halt, everyone gets stuck, and if it doesn’t rain then surroundings are dry for weeks.

Monsoon in Mumbai is called as west coast monsoon, where it is expected to arrive during 1st week on June till September end, which is indeed a big time span. And in these 4 months period, the expected rainfall is 100 inches, according to the MET department (Meteorological Department), which most of the time predicted by the MET team is wrong.

Umbrellas have a long history, the word "umbrella" evolved from the Latin umbella meaning shaded or shadow.

Ancient India also has an umbrella history, Mahabharata, the Sanskrit Epic (about 4th century BC) relates the following legend: Jamadagni was a skilled bow shooter, and his devoted wife Renuka would always recover each of his arrows immediately. One time however, it took her a whole day to fetch the arrow, and she later blamed the heat of the sun for the delay. The angry Jamadagni shot an arrow at the sun. The sun begged for mercy and offered Renuka an umbrella.

The first lightweight folding umbrella in Europe was introduced in 1710 by a Paris merchant named Jean Marius, whose shop was located near the barrier of Saint-Honoré. It could be opened and closed in the same way as modern umbrellas, and weighed less than one kilogram.

In India, and many other countries, Umbrellas are mostly considered non luxury product, people use them as an alternate and not as a necessity, and why would one?, Thanks to the uncertain climate conditions and the tendency to spend less on products which are of less use and spill plenty on daily necessity products as well as luxurious products or products which are of day to day use.

To thrive on an industry which is so uncertain was very tough decision, but thanks to the successors, who came to Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) and started this business of umbrella manufacturing.

Before the start of Shubhamm Inc in 2011, I was with my father in the same industry but catering a totally different section. Friends, Neighbourhood, Relatives ever one around us, who were not aware about the industry often used to tell that this is a royal business where one is supposed to work for 6 months and the rest 6 months, stay calm and just relax, but it was not that simple.

As a manufacturer and to maintain factory standards, the manufacturing and assembling gets started from February and ends up somewhere by September or October mid. The arrangement of raw materials also play a vital role, for which the arrangements need to me done right from the beginning, which again consumes 1 to 2 months, in short we always used to remain occupied 10/11 months.

Shall update with further information soon.../p>